Kinyonga Reptile Centre

Kinyonga means little lion in Swahili and in some places it’s also the word for chameleon. These harmless reptiles are often feared by the people and a lot of inhabitants of Africa. Although this fear is all the more with snakes, but it’s a lesser known fact that most snakes are actually harmless. The Kinyonga Reptile Centre has a team that has dedicated themselves towards saving reptiles by all means possible. They look at ways to adopt education as a powerful tool that should play a major role in conservation.

The Kinyonga Reptile Centre is situated in Hoedspruit Limpopo, South Africa. It’s located in one of the most pristine parts of the country with respect to natural heritage. This area has a particularly large variety of snakes. There is also a high frequency of interactions between snakes and people, making this the perfect location for reptile-related research and public education.They are not into buying and selling of animals and therefore the breeding of animals is very limited. But, animals that can be relocated or released into breeding and research programs are encouraged to breed.
Different Day Visit Packages on Offer

Kinyonga Reptile Centre Information

Kinyonga Reptile Centre Information
If you are someone who gets easily scared by reptiles, then avoid Kinyonga.
Kinyonga caters to reptile related emergencies 24 hours. If you are someone who would love to see how a reptile is treated (it’s a very rare sight) then definitely visit this place.
Do not miss the tea garden or the Lizard Rock cafe for sure!

Kinyonga Reptile Centre Day Visit Ticket Prices

Group Bookings
More than 40 (Please book)
Up to 12 years old: 15.00 South African Rand per person
Older than 12 years old: 25.00 South African Rand per person
Less than 40 (Please book)
Up to 12 years old: 30.00 South African Rand per person
Older than 12 years old: 60.00 South African Rand per person
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